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Understanding Aghora!

-Shishir KumarHe did not have those human skulls around him; neither did I find a pinch of funeral ash on his body nor was he covered with exotic rudraksh beads. Clad in a just black dhoti, he sat surrounded by some 50 followers who seemed in a different zone of ecstasy. He had come down from his cave near Ambajee inGujarat to meet his disciples. I met Adeshnathjee Aghori, the aghor guru, in Delhi to be a part of his 20 days journey around India and to understand what this world of supernatural had to offer. Here I am sharing with a part of my talks with the great saint.
Q. Gurujee, why is Aghor so fearful?
A. Did you get frightened seeing me? Aghor is exactly opposite. It means which is not fearful. The very basic of Aghor is that you should be a part of this universe and when you are a part of everything and everyone on this living earths how you can be fearful to anyone. Aghor is not just tantra that people think about. It is the path to god realization. We are of course extremist a…

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